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Tax terminal

Tax terminal (TT) is an indispensable part of the fiscal device

Tax terminal (TT) is an indispensable part of the fiscal device that serves to implement remote connection with the NRA. Allowed DT is not constructive built into the fiscal device.

Tax terminal module, which contains mandatory: processor, nonvolatile memory for storing data transferred, GPRS modem with a SIM card. The volume of non-volatile memory is not less than 1000 daily financial report with clear. Tax Terminal works with the time clock-calendar fiscal device.

Changing the SIM card in the tax terminal is permissible only when sending a message to change the circumstances to the NRA.
The device can not work before the NRA to confirmation has been received for this change.

Fiscal devices submitted in the prescribed remote connection:
• data entry device at commissioning
• change data
• daily report with reset for each day of the period determined by the NRA (The default time period is 30 days).
• daily reports without resetting, a certain frequency of NRA NRA set period of time.

After completion of each receipt is verified relationship with DT FU and compliance of the SIM card and the individual number of FU and FP spodadenite numbers for registration. When discrepancies in the numbers, absence, failure of DT or disconnect the device with him, the work of the last block.